Lauren’s Story

As an artist raised in the deep South, Lauren transforms the simple beauty and rich heritage that abounded in the Mississippi delta of her youth into visual form. It’s a heritage full of soul and colorful layers and a culture as rich as the fertile delta soil. Although she now resides in Brentwood, Tennessee, with her husband and 2 boys, she still feels the pull of that heritage as well as a new connection to the hills and valleys characteristic of the Tennessee landscape and the familiar spirit of the people who live there.

Using a palette knife to create layer upon layer of color, Lauren works organically to achieve a loose representation of her subject matter reminiscent of the aged buildings and chipped paint of generations past but with modern appeal.  Vibrant color schemes and textured strokes transform ordinary moments into cherished memories.  This ability to elevate every day life - an old church, freshly cut hydrangeas, a lovely view - is at the heart of Lauren’s work and the key to her success. 

Lauren’s work has been featured  several times in HGTV’s Hometown and HGTV’s Property Brothers as well as Traditional Home Magazine, The Cottage Journal Magazine, Nashville Magazine and other publications.  Her work can be seen at,, and various galleries and shops throughout the southeast.

Lauren’s new line of reproductions stay true to her heartfelt aesthetic, capturing simple moments with deep connection. Her desire to share this sentiment with a wider audience led her to develop high quality products such as her prints on wood that replicate the look and feel of her originals. For a modern twist, Lauren has also created a line of free-standing acrylic blocks, some silhouetting the enclosed image, perfect for a bookshelf or table top display.